About Us

A 4,000 acre fire early in the summer of 2006, resulted in the loss of one home, and serious threats to five or six others and was the impetus for the creation of the Arrow Junction Fire Department, an incorporated non-profit organization. A group of neighbors in the Arrow Junction area started a private, volunteer fire department with about 45 members and annual membership fees of $35.00. Everyone contributed donations to purchase a used fire truck, and a week after acquiring the truck there was success in saving a couple of structures from another range fire.

The Arrow Junction Fire Protection District (AJFPD) was formed in 2012 following concerns about being incorporated into other Fire Districts or a county-wide district. We elected to create our own Fire District, and voters approved creation of an official fire district May 15, 2012.

This district includes all residents who live within the 2,400 acre district, which surrounds the Clearwater River and Potlatch Creek between the Spalding railroad bridge and the Arrow Bridge. It also includes the Arrow Highline area and Colter’s Creek Vineyard. There are about 85 households and businesses within our boundaries. There are also a number of subscribers who live adjacent to our district.

Before we ever entered the tax rolls in 2013, approximately $50,000 worth of assets of the original private group of about 45 members were turned over to the new Fire District. About a dozen households contributed an additional $20,000 in cash, materials, and labor to construct the fire station, purchase equipment and gear, and begin operations. The Hewett family agreed to lease the fire station site to the District for $1.00 for 99 years.

  • • In 2015, AJFPD was linked to the 911 system for better response time.
  • • In 2016, AJFPD received an official “9” fire rating from the Idaho State Ratings Bureau.
  • • In 2017, AJFPD acquired two surplus military vehicles that have been transformed into fire trucks. One is a Freightliner with a 2500 gallon water tank. The other is a 7500 Chevrolet 4WD Crew Cab equipped with a 1000 gallon water tank.

All of the building construction and the conversion of surplus trucks into fire fighting machines were accomplished by volunteers. We have approximately 42 total volunteers, 15-17 of whom have received training to fight fires. There are no paid personnel. Dedicated volunteers fight fires, maintain premises and equipment, participate in training exercises and other tasks that need to be accomplished.

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Quarterly meetings are held at the Arrow Junction Fire Station at 24700 Hewett Road, as well as an annual budget hearing.  Notices are published in the Lewiston Morning Tribune prior to the scheduled meetings.  For more info, email us at: arrowjunctionfire@gmail.com