The current boundaries of the Fire District extend along both banks of the Clearwater River and Highway 12 from the railroad bridge at MM 12 to the Arrow Junction Bridge at MM 15, then 3 miles north on both sides of Highway 3, including the Arrow Rim and Arrow Highline roads.
There are currently about 85 households and businesses located within the Arrow Junction Fire Protection District.
We presently have 42 volunteer contracts on file. We have no paid personnel, and can only function with the support of all the residents of the district who give of their time and expertise to provide the services that help protect lives and property in our area. Volunteers fight fires, maintain premises and equipment, participate in training exercises or many other tasks that need to be accomplished.
Fill out the attached form and submit it to any one of the Fire Commissioners or Fire Chief.
Click here to view/download the form.
We have a Freightliner truck with a 2500 gallon tank and a Chevy 7500 with a 1000 gallon tank. We also have two water storage units each holding 3000 gallons of water and our own water supply at the fire station.
We are unique among local districts in that our equipment and training is focused on wild land fires. We do not have the resources, equipment, or training for fighting structure fires. We respond to structure fires, and make every effort to put the fire out and contain the fire as much as possible, but we cannot enter a burning structure. We can keep fires from spreading, and prevent the loss of adjacent structures because of our timely response.
AJFPD is funded through property tax levies. The 2021 tax rate is .000503003. To calculate your fees, multiply the net market value of your property by the current tax rate. (example: Net market value $100,000 x .000503003 = $50.30)
We have no paid personnel. The Fiscal Year 2022 Budget is $9,198. An annual budget hearing is open to the public and is held annually. It is announced and published in the Lewiston Tribune newspaper.
  • Patrons can request an evaluation of their property to assess fire hazards by trained Fire Wise volunteers.
  • If patrons are doing a controlled burn, AJFPD volunteers and a truck can be called out on standby. They can also water down the ashes so a fire can’t spread.
Simply call 9-1-1 and report the location as best you can.

Interested in volunteering?
Please fill out this FORM and submit
it to any of the Commissioners
or Fire Chief.


Quarterly meetings are held at the Arrow Junction Fire Station at 24700 Hewett Road, as well as an annual budget hearing.  Notices are published in the Lewiston Morning Tribune prior to the scheduled meetings.  For more info, email us at: